Who is ARMA?

The Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access (ARMA) is the local trade association that functions as San Diego County’s chamber of commerce for the cannabis industry. ARMA ensures the continued success of industry related businesses through our signature networking mixers, educational events, resource contacts, and our political outreach. We know our community, and we help bring together the connections, products, and resources that our members have challenges obtaining on their own.

ARMA helps foster and unite retailers, product manufacturers, and resources that impact the political, scientific, medical, and professional aspects of our industry. We bring these key elements together to help our members find strategic synergy for greater success, and to improve the industry's value to patients in the greater San Diego metropolitan community.

Business can be the most powerful platform for political change, and ARMA helps industry related businesses have a direct impact and voice that is heard by the policy makers throughout San Diego. We work to help politicians, law enforcement, and patients recognize the benefits of clear and reasonable regulation of medicinal cannabis. Our aim is to change the cultural landscape so that neighborhoods see medical marijuana businesses as a valued service to their community — Offering medical cannabis patients the compassion and respect they deserve.

What ARMA Offers Members

  • Cultivated relationships with local politicians & regulating agencies to help develop the medical cannabis market.
  • Offering valuable political insight, introducing important networking opportunities, and sharing helpful information about new brands and developing products.
  • Providing a platform for MMJ retailers, product manufacturers, and service providers to share needed products and services for added value to the respective businesses of our members.
  • Staying connected with key political staff and land use experts to stay on top of developing issues and opportunities that could impact businesses in our industry.
  • Engaging in public affairs and media relations to improve the image of medical cannabis and legitimate medical cannabis businesses.
  • Supporting respected local advocacy to secure and expand the legal market for medical cannabis products.