ARMA Newsletter – October 17, 2014

Regional Medical Cannabis News


Hearing Officer Approves First MMCC in the City of San Diego

Congratulations to Dr. David Blair and A Green Alternative Cooperative for receiving a positive recommendation from the hearing officer!

As a result of the ordinance ARMA worked hard to lobby for and pass earlier this year, the city of San Diego is now closer than ever to having permanent responsible access to medicinal cannabis. San Diego’s first of many hearings for a licensed medical marijuana consumer cooperative was held on Wednesday, October 15. Development Services Department hearing officer Kenneth Teasley reviewed the DSD staff report and listened to comments from the public and the principals involved in the project.

Several people attended the hearing in support of the cooperative, including a patient who spoke about how using a salve made with medicinal cannabis allowed her to manage debilitating back pain and helped her to drastically cut down on the use of prescribed pharmaceutical pain killers. Zachary Lazarus, the Chief Operating Officer for the cooperative, promised to operate “ethically” and said they intend to serve both patients and the community the best they can. To help demonstrate their goal to be good operators and neighbors, the cooperative also submitted a list of voluntary conditions to which they agreed, including eliminating graffiti in 24 hours vs. 48, and promising to test samples of all medicine for pesticides, mold and mildew. Contaminant testing is not currently required by law.

Teasley asked DSD project manager Edith Gutierrez to address each of the concerns raised by those who spoke in opposition to the project, then approved the 5-year Conditional Use Permit for A Green Alternative located at 2335 Roll Drive in Otay Mesa.

A Green Alternative hopes to officially open its doors sometime in the next couple months.


SoCal Cops Adopt Shady Marijuana Raid Tactics Seen In Mendocino


California Legislative Update


California Needs Stronger Marijuana Regulation, Federal Official Says

Retiring U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole told the LA Times on Thursday that California needs to implement strict statewide medical marijuana regulations if it wants to avoid federal intervention. Several attempts have been made in the state legislature to provide effective, overarching rules to govern the industry, including the recent controversial SB 1262, but so far the efforts have failed leaving cities and counties to fend for themselves.

To read the full LA Times article, see:


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KPBS Interviews ARMA Board Member Kimberly Simms

Local medicinal cannabis law expert and ARMA board member Kimberly Simms was interviewed on Thursay by KPBS with David Blair, the first medical marijuana consumer cooperative applicant approved by a hearing officer in the city of San Diego’s Development Services Department. Ms. Simms provided her expertise on the city’s current strict medical marijuana cooperative ordinance, unlicensed dispensaries and enforcement, and the future of the medical marijuana industry in San Diego and the state of California.

Listen to the full interview here:


Upcoming Events


ARMA Mixer

We’ve been having a wonderful time meeting and networking with everyone at these events! We’re “mixing” things up a little next time and moving to the Proprieter’s Reserve Wine Bar at the Riviera Supper Club in La Mesa. Please join ARMA for a fun evening of wine tasting and socializing on Wednesday, November 12th, from 6:00-8:00PM.

In addition to a great night of networking, we will be discussing the latest developments in the City of San Diego’s permitting process, as well as medicinal cannabis updates from across the state and nation.

Meet, mingle and network with ARMA board members, staff and stakeholders. The Proprieter’s Reserve Wine Bar at the Riviera offers over 80 different wines, cheese plates and tapas, and daily happy hour specials. A full dinner menu from the Riviera Supper Club is also available. For more information about the wine bar and supper club, please see


Responsible Access Awards Gala

Save the date! ARMA is proud to be hosting the 1st Annual Responsible Access Awards Gala on Friday, December 5th. The gala will include a full dinner, drinks, awards presentation and entertainment at Tango del Rey in Mission Bay. You won’t want to miss this event! Ticket sales will begin soon.