ARMA Newsletter – October 03, 2014

Regional Medical Cannabis News

Public Safety Committee Hears Reports on Unlicensed Cooperatives in the City

On Wednesday, the City of San Diego’s Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee heard reports from the Office of the City Attorney and the Development Services Department regarding the status of enforcement of unlicensed medicinal cannabis cooperatives.

The city attorney’s office provided the committee with a list of 40 active dispensary cases in the code enforcement unit, as well as over 150 cases with stipulated orders to shut down. The City Attorney’s strategy for closing down unlicensed cooperatives is to file civil lawsuits against property owners and dispensary operators for zoning code violations, and noted that, with very limited exceptions, they are not empowered to raid and shut down the use of a building for zoning violations without due process.

The city attorney’s office also recommended increasing the number of code enforcement officers devoted to investigating complaints about cooperatives. The Code Enforcement Division currently has two zoning investigators assigned to dispensary enforcement.

During the public comment portion of the discussion item, a representative from ARMA reminded the committee members that because of the complex regulatory requirements of the MMCC ordinance, no licensed dispensaries existed in the city yet, and as such the unlicensed cooperatives are currently the only source for medical cannabis. ARMA stated that the best hope for reducing the number of unlicensed cooperatives is to have licensed cooperatives with a market advantage open and operating.

The committee agreed to revisit the discussion and hear updates on the ongoing process at the next committee meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 29. As always, ARMA will keep you up-to-date on all of the latest developments.

To view the complete reports, please see:

Report from the Office of the City Attorney:

Report from the Development Services Department:


Medical Marijuana Patients File Lawsuit Against San Diego Officers

California Update

Study Shows Cannabis Highly Effective in Treating Medical Conditions in California

A new study published in Drug and Alcohol Review shows that of the approximately 1 in 20 Californians who said they had used medicinal cannabis, an astounding 92% believed the medicine did indeed help to positively treat their symptoms, which ranged from stress and nausea to muscle spasms and chronic pain, and other conditions stemming from illnesses such as cancer and AIDS.

For more information on the study, please see and from Don Duncan and Kris Hermes respectively, both of Americans for Safe Access, and

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