Benefits Offered to Local Operators

On behalf of the staff at Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access (ARMA), San Diego & Orange County’s largest cannabis industry & community outreach organization, we want to congratulate you on your successful MMJ business.With the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis industry, it is important to approach the future strategically, working together as an allied force. ARMA was formed as THE trade association and political action committee to represent and support businesses like yours. Our purpose is to help our members establish and run successful businesses that provide the patients of our community with the medicine they need.

Our function is to offer members key insight on upcoming changes to laws, bring local cannabis industry businesses valuable new resources & technologies, provide our community with needed political support & education, and organize helpful trade events that can benefit our members and the overall community.

One of the growing number of perks we bring to ARMA members is the opportunity to try out new business resources that are just coming to market in the cannabis industry. For example, ARMA is proud to extend all retail operators in the County of San Diego the opportunity to test out a new inventory tracking service that is being offered by a nationwide company called Inteliworx, who specializes in helping retail companies save large amounts of money by carefully tracking their inventory. Inteliworx will not only provide their service, but they are also happy to speak on behalf of cannabis clients at public hearings, signifying the higher level of care and due diligence that is developed through their service. ARMA is bringing this opportunity to you as a way to help demonstrate the value of an ARMA membership, but this is just one of many benefits that ARMA members receive.


Ian Foster of Inteliworx writes:“Our company helps medical marijuana facilities with their inventory control. Our analysts visit the facility once a week to undertake a precise inventory count. We weigh and count all the inventory using our proprietary software program and a set of scientific scales. Each week we match up the usage on each product with the POS sales report to uncover any shrinkage. We work with facility management to reduce and, ideally, eliminate any shrinkage. We’ve been doing this in another, similar industry for 27 years. For the past two years we’ve audited a San Jose medical marijuana facility and helped them reduce inventory shrinkage from 8% to less than 2%, representing well over $100,000/year in recovered costs.”

As a benefit to you, ARMA is proud to be able to offer this exclusive opportunity with Inteliworx to retailers in the San Diego community. Please contact ARMA’s Administrative Director, Margaret Gibert, for more information about how we can help you take advantage of this opportunity with Inteliworx, or for any other questions you might have about how ARMA can work for you.

Thank you,

Margaret Gibert, Administrative Director
Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access
Phone: 619-275-5124